Planning Board

110 Fifth Street, Suite 500; Salem, NJ 08079
856-935-7510 Ext. 8414
856-935-3830 (fax)

Meets 3rd Tuesday, Monthly, at 7:00 pm, Conference Room, Fifth Street Complex, 110 Fifth Street, Salem,NJ 08079

Direct (609) 267-8311. Ext.277
Fax (609) 267-0301

COUNTY ENGINEER: James McKelvie P. E., Alaimo Group,  Ext. 8544

PRINCIPAL PLANNING AIDE: Matthew Goff,  Ext. 8414

Ben Laury, Lee Ware, Doug Painter

Planning Board Members
John Willadsen, Chairman  (2016)
John Humphreys II, Vice Chairman (2015)
Arnaldo Mendoza (2017)
Bill Stoms (2015)
Niki Trunk  (2016)
Robert Widdifield (2017)
Guy Waddington, Alternate #1 (2016)
Travis Zigo, Alternate #2  (2016)
Matthew Goff, Board Secretary (2015)

Planning Board Resources 

Future Wastewater Service Area Map – also see  Countywide Wastewater Management Plan

South Jersey Transportation Planning Organizaion (SJTPO)
Members: Ben Laury, Stephen Schalick

The Department of Planning & Agriculture has prepared and submitted to NJDEP the Salem County Wastewater Management Plan.

The Plan consists of the Future Wastewater Service Area Map  (FWSA) which was formally adopted by NJDEP on September 19, 2013.

The Plan document was completed and submitted to NJDEP for review on October 2, 2013 and is attached.

The document consists of a summary Chapters I through VIII  and individual Chapters IX-1 through IX-15 for each municipality in the County.

The mapping files are divided into the overall Countywide Maps 1 through 5A, B & C, and there are individual Municipal maps for each category.  The information contained on the maps was obtained in consultation with the municipalities and utilization of NJDEP GIS layers.


Download Future Waste Water Service Area Map (pdf)