The County of Salem has contracted with “Richard E. Pierson Construction Company, Inc.” under our 2020 County Aid Road Improvement Program for Resurfacing and Safety Improvements for the following roads throughout Salem County.

*BROAD STREET, County Road #662
(from the Salem Street, County Road #611 to South Main Street, County Road #648) in the Borough of Elmer;

*MARLTON ROAD, County Road #636
(from McCoubrie Street to North Main Street, State Route #45) in Pilesgrove Township and the Borough of Woodstown;

*PERKINTOWN ROAD, County Road #644
(from Straughns Mill Road, County Road #643 to Pennsville-Auburn Road, County Road #551) in Oldmans Township;

(from Remsterville Road, County Road #656 to Pole Tavern Road, State Route #77) in Alloway Township and Upper Pittsgrove Township; and

*GEORGETOWN ROAD, County Road #629
(from Shell Road, U.S. Route #130 to Pennsville-Auburn Road, County Road #551) in Carneys Point Township.

The “Notice to Proceed” has been issued to the Contractor as follows:

4/1/2024 – Begin site work.  Contract duration – 90 calendar days.