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♦ January 4, 2023 – 6:00 pm – Reorg meeting

  • January 5 (Re-org) – 6pm
  • January 19 – 6pm
  • February 2 – 6pm
  • February 16 – 6pm
  • March 2 – 6pm
  • March 16 – 6pm
  • April 6 – 6pm
  • April 20 – 6pm
  • May 4 – 4pm
  • May 18 – 4pm
  • June 15 – 4pm
  • July 20 – 4pm
  • August 17 – 4pm
  • September 7  – 4pm
  • September 21 – 6pm
  • October 5 – 6pm
  • October 19 – 6pm
  • November 2 – 6pm
  • November 16 – 6pm
  • December 7 – 6pm
  • December 21 – 6pm
  • Dec. 28 (closeout) – 11am

County Commissioner Director, Benjamin H. Laury

Ben Laury
Chairperson – Administrative Committee

Assignments: South Jersey Transportation Planning Organization, New Jersey Association of Counties

County Commissioner Ben Laury is a lifelong resident of the Borough of Elmer. He has earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Drexel University and is licensed as a Professional Engineer and Master Plumber in the State of New Jersey.

County Commissioner Laury has extensive experience in both the public and private sectors. Before being elected as a Salem County County Commissioner in 2009, he began his public community service by serving on the planning board, serving 10 years on the school board (5 years as president), and serving 7 years on the borough council (2 years as president).

County Commissioner Laury’s commitment to community service is highlighted by his dedication to the Boys Scouts of America. He currently is serving on the Southern New Jersey District Board and personally holds the rank of Eagle Scout and recently received the Boy Scout Silver Beaver award. He is committed to his faith and his church and is actively involved in the Elmer Methodist Church. He has been an active Rotary member for over 30 years and is a Paul Harris Fellow.

County Commissioner Laury has been married to his wife Kathy Laury for 42 years. They are blessed with two children Brittany (married to Stan Orzechowski) and TJ (married to Sarah) . They have seven grandchildren: Mason, Carter, twins Colton and Ryder, and triplets Theo, Zoe and Maggie.

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County Commissioner Deputy Director Mickey Ostrum

County Commissioner Mickey Ostrum
Chair for Public Safety Committee

Liaison to: Administrative Committee and Public Safety Committee

Assignments: Board of Social Services, Planning Board, Pollution Control, South Jersey Economic Development District (Alternate)

County Commissioner Gordon J. “Mickey” Ostrum, Jr. moved to Salem County with his parents at age four and has lived here ever since.  After completing his education Grades K through 12 in the Woodstown Pilesgrove School System he went on to earn a BS in Biology from Ursinus College in Collegeville, PA.  County Commissioner Ostrum then entered Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, receiving his MD Degree in 1976.

After completing his studies at Jefferson Mickey began his Post Doctoral training as a Resident in Obstetrics & Gynecology at the Wilmington Medical Center, now Christiana Care Health System.  Finishing in1980, he became Board Certified in 1982, maintaining that endorsement annually.  County Commissioner Ostrum entered private practice in New Castle County DE and Woodstown on completion of his training and continues to practice actively.

At Christiana Care County Commissioner Ostrum has had extensive leadership experience serving as Chair of the Obstetrical Operations Committee, Interim Chair and Vice Chair of the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Member of the Medical Executive Committee, President of the Medical Dental Staff, and Vice Chair of the Board of Directors.  He remains of the Board of Trustees and is active in Peer Review activities

Mickey is also active in the American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists serving as Chair of the Delaware Section.  With that position goes a seat on the District III Advisory Council and advocacy activities at the annual Congressional Leadership Conference in Washington.

When away from professional responsibilities County Commissioner Ostrum participates in grain and cattle farming with his son Jake.  Mickey laughingly calls himself the Chief Medical Officer of Cowtown Rodeo having been involved with the rodeo since childhood.  He subs for his son as Music Director at the rodeo several times a season.  Mickey and his wife Kelly reside in Pilesgrove with their family.

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Headshot of Ed RamseyEd Ramsay

Economic Development/ Public Works

Liaison to:  Agricultural / Tourism Committee                     

Assignments:  Economic Development Advisory Council, Shared Services Working Group, Workforce Investment Board, Veterans’ Advisory Board, Youth Services Commission, South Jersey Economic Development District

Ed graduated from Rutgers University with a BS in Business Management and Marketing, after attending Gloucester County College and Gateway Regional High School.  Professionally, Ed has been involved in real estate for 34 years including sales, brokerage, landlord, tax liens and private investment. 

As a Salem County resident, Ed has been actively attending meetings for the Economic Development Council, Salem County Improvement Authority, Tourism Advisory Council, Youth Services Commission, Agriculture Development Board, Municipal Councils, and Planning Boards.

Ed proudly served in the US Air Force as a ground/satellite navigation electronics technician. 

Before moving to Pittsgrove, Ed served his hometown of Wenonah as Borough Council President and 2nd Lieutenant in the Fire Department, in addition to other committees.

County Commissioner Ed Ramsay is serving his first term on the Salem County Board of County Commissioners.

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Cordy Taylor

Chair for the Information Technology/Planning/Agriculture/Tourism Committee

Bio and image coming soon.

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Daniel Timmerman

Chair for the Health and Human Services Committee

Bio & image coming soon.

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Fifth Street Complex: 110 Fifth Street, Suite 400, Salem, NJ 08079 | Phone: 856-935-7510

Clerk of the Board: 856-935-7510 x8204

History of the Board


New Jersey originated the name ‘Chosen County Commissioner’


New Jersey alone of all the United States has the distinction of retaining the title of “FREEHOLDER” to denote the elected members of the county governing bodies. This descriptive name, which commemorates the origin of home rule, is used by only 21 of the nation’s 3,047 counties. In other states, these county officials are known as commissioners, supervisors, probate judges, police jurors, councilors and a variety of other names.


An old English term, a “freeholder” originally denoted a person who owned an estate of land over which he had complete control. After the Norman Conquest of 1066 A.D., British kings found it necessary under pressure to call together an assemblage of higher clergy, earls and barons of the nobility and later Knights of the Realm, to sit as advisors and to grant taxes for defense of the kingdom. By the 13th century, through battles against abuses by royal power and the growing influence of Burghesses and Freeman, the British Parliament was enlarged to include these Freeman who owned their land free and clear, who were called “County Commissioners.”


English history from this time onward is a story of the increasing power of the subject and his participation in the government. The Franklyn in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales is described as being born a Freeman and “County Commissioner.” He sat with the lord and knights of his shire (county) in the Parliament of that day.


The name “County Commissioner” was well known by the 17th century, and the holder of the title had a definite place in society. Thus, when the first settlers came to the New World and settled what was to become “New Jersey” under the original proprietors, it is not to be wondered that we find the “County Commissioner” prominently mentioned. In the first archives of East Jersey, signed and dated, we discover the origin of the name “Chosen County Commissioner.” By crossing the sea, these stout-hearted men had already added a popular or democratic refinement to the traditional English name for a Freeman, although they still lived under the British Crown.


Uniquely, our original “Chosen County Commissioners” were members of the state’s General Assembly, its first legislature, even before they became the elected representatives of the County Board’s of Chosen County Commissioners. No other state in the federal union has so carefully preserved the ancient freedom of its representative government, in the historic title it still confers on its county governing officials.
By: Colonel John J. M. Dudley





To enhance Salem County residents’ quality of life by ensuring the safety, prosperity and wellness of our communities through responsive, innovation and fiscally responsible actions.


To provide the citizens of Salem County the highest quality of life by promoting: Public Safety; Fiscal Responsibility; Economic Development; Culture and Diversity; Health and Education; and Preservation of Natural Resources. We the freeholders will achieve these goals by embracing our core values.

Core Values

County Residents
We will ensure public trust through honesty, fairness, consistency, follow-through and our continued commitment to the County’s culture and diversity.

Fiscal Responsibility
We will prudently manage County financial resources.

Public Safety
We will adhere to a plan that ensures safe communities now and for future generations resulting in a higher quality of life for Salem County residents.

We will provide accessible healthcare and promote wellness for all county residents.

Economic Development
We will deliver innovative actions designed to grow a vibrant local and regional economy while preserving our natural resources.


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Main County Offices:
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Salem, NJ 08079
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