County Budget Survey Form

As an extension of the Freeholder Town Hall Talks, this survey is part of an overall initiative to educate and involve the residents in their government and the services that impact their lives.

Click here to download the accompanying pdf containing some brief statistical information pertaining to the County’s debt.

Note regarding grants: grant funding must be used for the specific purpose or department to which it is designated and the funds cannot be used in other areas.



    Public Works & Infrastructure, Agricultural & Planning

  • Community Affairs

  • Economic Development, Cultural Affairs & Tourism

  • Superintendent of Schools

  • Veterans Affairs

  • Health & Human Services



    Prosecutor’s Office (Public Safety)

  • Sheriff’s Office (Public Safety)

  • Surrogate’s Court

  • County Clerk’s Office

  • Other Departments

  • State Mandated to help fund

  • Comments / Questions



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