For decades, the Salem and Hope Creek nuclear generating stations have provided millions of New Jersey homes and businesses with safe, clean, affordable, and around-the-clock electricity. Here in Salem County, they have supported thousands of good-paying jobs and pumped more than $1.2 billion into the economy every year.

Now, like other nuclear plants across the U.S., Salem and Hope Creek are at risk of closing.

Nuclear power protects the air we all breathe, helps keep our energy costs low and provides enough carbon-free energy to power 3.8 million homes year-round.

As elected officials, we recognize the economic, environmental, and human value of preserving New Jersey’s nuclear generation – to South Jersey and to the entire state.

For 40 years, PSEG Nuclear has been part of the fabric of our communities. When it comes to protecting South Jersey’s environment, our economy, and our workforce, we’re all in this together.

Two years ago, New Jersey made the wise decision to support its nuclear plants. Today, as the duly elected representatives of the people, community, and government of Salem County, we come together to encourage the state to continue that support – not only for our residents, our community, and our region, but because it is the right thing to do.


Benjamin H. Laury
County Commissioner DirectorScott Griscom
County Commissioner Deputy Director

Gordon J. Ostrum, Jr.
County Commissioner

Edward A. Ramsay
County Commissioner

Lee R. Ware
County Commissioner

Ed McKelvey, Mayor
Alloway Township

Kenneth H. Brown, Mayor
Carneys Point Township

Joseph P. Stemberger, Mayor
Elmer Borough

Sean Elwell, Mayor
Elsinboro Township

Ellen B. Pompper, Mayor
Lower Alloways Creek Township

Donald C. Asay, Mayor
Mannington Township

George Bradford, Mayor
Oldmans Township

LaDena Thomas, Mayor
Borough of Penns Grove

Robert E. McDade, Mayor
Pennsville Township

Kevin Eachus, Mayor
Pilesgrove Township

Fiore Copare, Mayor
Pittsgrove Township

Marge Sperry, Mayor
Quinton Township

Charles Washington, Jr., Mayor
Salem City

Edward Meschi, Mayor
Upper Pittsgrove Township

Donald Dietrich, Mayor
Woodstown Borough

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