Salem County Commissioners are pleased to announce New Jersey Board of Public Utilities 3-year Extension of Zero Emission Certificates for Salem and Hope Creek Generating Stations

Ben Laury, Salem County Commissioner Director, along with the other Commissioners stated that for decades, the Salem and Hope Creek nuclear generating stations have provided millions of New Jersey homes and businesses with safe, clean, affordable, and around-the-clock electricity. In Salem County, they have supported thousands of good-paying jobs and pumped more than $1.2 billion into the economy every year.  Nuclear power protects the air we all breathe, helps keep our energy costs low and provides enough carbon-free energy to power 3.8 million homes year-round.  We’re proud of our place in New Jersey’s green energy economy, and we’re thankful that the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities recognized the economic, environmental, and human value of preserving New Jersey’s nuclear generation – to South Jersey and to the entire state.  For 40 years, PSEG Nuclear has been part of the fabric of our communities.  When it comes to protecting South Jersey’s environment, our economy, and our workforce, we’re all in this together.

Mayor Ellen Pompper stated, “As mayor of Lower Alloways Creek Township, I’m proud to serve the community that has hosted the Salem and Hope Creek nuclear power plants for more than 40 years, and is home to many of its highly skilled and highly dedicated employees.  For a relatively small cost, the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities has taken a stand in support of the state’s nuclear power plants, and protecting the many benefits they provide for the entire state, its economy and its energy customers. With their actions, the BPU also showed support for the people and economies of South Jersey, of Salem County and of Lower Alloways Creek. We’re grateful for the action they took today.”

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