Morning Spray Notification
Monday, August 24, 2020
Raindate: Tuesday, August 25, 2020
Spray time: 4:00am – 7:30am

Fyfanon ULV Insecticide, Active Ingredient: Malathion 96.5%
Zenivex E4RTU, Active Ingredient: Etofenporz 4%
AquaDuet, Active Ingredient: Prallethrin 1%, Sumithrin 5%, Piperonyl Butoxide 5%

Autumn Angelus #53536B, George Bradbury III #50456B, Mark Dilks #21015B, Sean Eastlack #22402B, Anthony Hall #52781B, Brandon Musnoff #55953B, Timothy Saunderlin #69253A, Barry Zeigler #26622B

Weather permitting, Salem County Mosquito Control will be providing adulticide treatments by way of truck for adult mosquito control on the following streets:

Elsinboro Township
Amwellbury Road
Money Island Road
Hancocks Bridge Fort Elfsborg Road
Fort Elfsborg Road
Walnut Street Road
Salem Hancocks Bridge Road
Hagerville Road
Mason Point Road
Sinnickson Landing Road
Friendship Drive
Stewart Drive
Fort Elfsborg- Salem Road
Phillip Drive
Garden Drive
Tilbury Road
Chestnut Street
Slape Avenue
Schrier Avenue
Nelson Avenue
Riverview Drive
Bender Drive
S Locust Avenue
Delaware Avenue
Fort Point Road
Smith Avenue
Fort Elfsborg- Salem Road
Shad Roe Lane
River Drive
Yerkes Lane
Country Club Road
Mason Point Road
Fort Elfsborg Road
Locust Avenue
LAC Township
Harmersville Canton Road
Robinson Road
New Bridge Road
Harasta Road
Harmersville Pecks Corner Road
Maskells Mill Road
Cross Road
Mill Pond Road
Smick Road
Church Road
Friendship Road
Silver Lake Road
Fogg Road
Frog Ocean Road
Stow Neck Road
Long Bridge Road
Main Street Canton
Hancocks Bridge Fort Elfsborg Road
Salem Hancocks Bridge Road
Front Street
Locust Island Road
Poplar Street
Maple Avenue
Main Street
2nd Street
Powell Street
Alloways Creek Neck Road
Pancoast Road
New Street
Buttonwood Avenue
Grosscup Road
Silver Lake Bank

Salem City
Roe Avenue
Grant Street
Chestnut Street
Grieves Parkway
Tilbury Road
Morningside Drive
Delaware Avenue
Pine Avenue
Plasket Avenue
Spruce Avenue
Oak Street
Cook Avenue
Victory Avenue
Crossland Avenue
N Union Street
Keasby Street
Anderson Drive
Quinton Township
Cross Road
Howard Avenue
Harris Road
Sherron Avenue
Circle Drive
Hiles Avenue
Hillard Avenue
Upper Pittsgrove Township
Whig Lane Road
Swedesboro Road
Richwood Road
Shirley Road

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