Friday, August 19, 2022
Spray time: 4:00am – 7:30am
Rain Date: Monday, August 22

Fyfanon ULV Insecticide, Active Ingredient: Malathion 96.5%
Zenivex E4RTU, Active Ingredient: Etofenporz 4%
AquaDuet, Active Ingredient: Prallethrin 1%, Sumithrin 5%, Piperonyl Butoxide 5%
George Bradbury III #50456B, Mark Dilks #21015B, Sean Eastlack #22402B,
Anthony Hall #52781B, Harry Lawrence #52790B, Brandon Musnoff #55953B

Weather permitting, Salem County Mosquito Control will be providing adulticide treatments by way of truck for adult mosquito control on the following streets:

Elsinboro Township
Riverview Drive
Locust Avenue
Country Club Road
Salem Fort Elfsborg Road
Sinnickson Landing Road
Schrier Avenue
Slape Avenue

Mannington Township
Old Kings Highway
1st Avenue
Booker Street
Church Street

Salem City
Hubbell Avenue
7th Avenue
8th Avenue
Pledger Street
Gibbon Street
Pearl Street
Ward Street
5th Street
Howell Street