Evening Spray Notification
Thursday, May 31, 2018
Spray Time: 7:00p – 9:30pm

Fyfanon ULV Insecticide, Active Ingredient: Malathion 96.5%
Zenivex E4RTU, Active Ingredient: Etofenporz 4%
Autumn Angelus #53536B, Rocky Bradway #23200A, George Bradbury III #50456B,
Mark Bilks #21015B, Anthony Hall #52781B, Timothy Saunderlin #69253A, Barry Zeigler #26622B

Weather permitting, Sale County Mosquito Control will be providing adulticide treatments by way of truck for adult mosquito control on the following streets:

Pennsville Township
Mahoney Road
Hook Road
East Pittsfield Street
Henry Avenue
Churchlanding Road

Carney’s Point Township
North Golfwood Avenue
Oakwood Avenue
Pennsville-Auburn Road
East Quilleytown Road
West Quilleytown Road
Manor Avenue

Oldmans Township
Perkintown Road
Pennsville-Pedricktown Road
North Railroad Avenue

Pilesgrove Township
East Lake Road
Alloway Woodstown Road
Fenwick Road
Cedar Lane
Beagle Club Road

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