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Inter Agency Council
98 Market Street; Salem, NJ 08079

Melanie Ernest, MA
Salem County Inter Agency Council of Human Services, Inc.
Executive Director
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Fax: 856-935-7747

Frank Carozza
Salem County Youth Services and C.I.A.C.C.
Program Coordinator
Salem County Inter Agency Council of Human Services, Inc.
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Fax: (856)935-7747

Amy Kiger
Salem County Inter Agency Council of Human Services, Inc.
Office Manager
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Resolution 86-130 (N.J.S.A. 2A:4A-91) requires the Board of Freeholders to establish the Citizens Advisory Committee for assistance in submitting a comprehensive plan for Youth Services to the Commissioner of the Department of Human Services.


Youth Services Commission and Juvenile Crime Enforcement Coalition

1/3/2017 The Salem County Youth Services Commission requests sealed proposals for Services to At-Risk Youth and Juveniles that are involved with the Family Court System. Funding is made available through the Juvenile Justice Commission and the Family Court Services Program.

Two programs are being offered at this time:

  • Substance Abuse Education and Treatment with Transportation
  • Sex Offender Treatment Services

Request for Proposal packages may be obtained daily between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm from the Youth Services Commission of Salem County, 98 Market St, Salem NJ 08079. You may call 856-935-7510 x 8451. Proposal packages are also available by emailing

The proposals shall be returned to the Youth Services Commission by Wednesday, January 31, 2018, 10:00 AM prevailing time, when they will be opened and read in public. Late proposal submissions shall not be considered.


Meeting Schedule

In accordance with JJC regulations and the Open Public Meeting Act, please see these dates below for the Salem County Youth Services 2018 CY Meeting Dates. They will be distributed via email, posted on the Salem County Website, in the basement of the courthouse, and any cancellations/communications will be done via electronic and social media.

Location: All meetings will be held at: St. John’s Parrish House 76 Market St, Salem, NJ 08079

2018 Meeting Dates & Times

  • January 3rd @ 12:00PM EST.
  • February 7th @ 12:00PM EST.
  • March 7th@ 12:00PM EST.
  • May 2nd @ 12:00PM EST.
  • June 6th @ 12:00PM EST.
  • September 5th@ 12:00PM EST.
  • October 3rd @ 12:00PM EST.
  • November 7th @ 12:00PM EST.
  • December 5th @ 12:00PM EST.

Meeting Minutes:

PDF DOWNLOAD: Planning Document



Said terms to expire on December 31, 2017.

  • Lois Diamond – Vicinage Asst. Chief Probation Officer – Voting
  • Peggy Nicolosi – County Superintendent of Schools – Voting
  • Gabrielle Hall – Public Defender – Voting
  • Armando Gonzalez – Chief probation Officer – Voting
  • Glen Donelson – Mid-Atlantic States C&EC – Voting
  • Rick Bird – Juvenile Parole – Voting
  • Jennifer Rodriguez – Youth Advocate Program – Voting
  • Judge Sandra Lopez – Presiding Judge Family Court – Voting
  • Ron Hudak – Community Rep. CGS Partnership – Voting
  • Chuck Goldstein – CGS Partnership Director – Voting
  • John Lenahan – Salem County Prosecutor – Voting
  • Jean Kuhl – Interested Citizen – Voting
  • Joe Katz – SODAT – Voting
  • Warren Mabey – Law Enforcement Rep. – Voting
  • Nicki Botsford – Community Rep. HCI – Voting
  • Jerry Oglesby – Local DCP&P Office – Voting
  • Nicole Stemberger – Director Mobile Response – Voting
  • Becky Foraker – County Mental Health Director – Voting
  • John Swain – Special Services School District – Voting
  • Karen Vann – CGS Family Support Organization – Voting
  • James Whitt – Community Rep. Ranch Hope – Voting
  • Kimberly Lewis – Youth Detention Center Director
  • Chief John Pelura – Salem City Police Dept. – Voting
  • Greg Wolf – Court Services Supervisor – Voting
  • Spencer Young – JJC/YSC State Court Liaison – Non-Voting
  • Melanie Ernest – Salem County Inter Agency Council of Human Services, Inc.
  • Melissa L. DeCastro – Freeholder – Highest Co. Elected Official – Non-Voting

Salem County Continuum of Care
Consolidated Application renewal for entities that previously received funding: HMFA State HMIS Lead and Salem County Leased Apartments/Homes Programs. Documents: