Office for Disability Services Advisory Council

Contact: Kathy Massey, Executive Director
110 Fifth Street Salem, NJ 08079
856-339-8622 or 856-451-1207 ext, 8622
FAX 856-339-9268

Elizabeth DiPrimo (2023)
Michael DiPaolo (2023)
Patty Bomba (2023)
Ron Durkin (2022)
April Friant (2022)
Frank Hentz (2022)
Jenna Hogate (2023)
Lori Lackey (2023)
Ray Leight (2022)
Richard Smith (2022)
Tyler Spino (2023)
Jeff Truax (2022)

Non- Voting Members:
June Sieber, Director of Health and Human Services
Shannon Reese, Mental Health Administrator
Betty Myers, Staff Assistant to the Board

County Commissioner Liaisons:
Mickey Ostrum
Lee Ware (Alternate)

Meetings: The 2nd Tuesday of January, March, May, July, September and November at 4:30pm.
Location: Ware Building, 51 Cheney Road, Woodstown NJ (see map below)

Outside Links of interest:
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NJ Division of Disability Services
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