Municipal Alliance

Salem County Municipal Alliance
for the Prevention of Alcohol & Drug Abuse (MAPSA)
Department of Health & Human Services

Kathleen McBride, County Coordinator
Tele: 856-935-7510 x 8459 Fax: 856-935-2501

Municipal Alliance - It Doesnt Get More Local

MAPSA is always looking for new volunteers – if you’re interested in either an active or an associate membership with your local alliance, please contact Kathleen.

The Municipal Alliance is a network of community-based prevention programs found throughout New Jersey’s 21 Counties It was created for grassroots volunteers to have the opportunity to develop programs and implement activities to address specific substance abuse problems in their communities.

Throughout the state, Drug Enforcement Demand Reduction (DEDR) funds are collected by fines imposed for drug-related offenses. The Governor’s Council on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse (GCADA) utilizes these funds to issue grants to each county in New Jersey.

The County Alliance Coordinator oversees and provides support & technical assistance to thirteen (13) Municipal Alliances, representing all fifteen (15) municipalities in Salem County, with the oversight of the County Alliance Steering Subcommittee (CASS), which meets quarterly. Every alliance plans and implements substance abuse prevention programs for their community using DEDR funds and matched funds as well as monies raised through local fundraising efforts.

Just some of the programs MAPSA helps support include DARE, GREAT, Red Ribbon Week, Project Graduation, Senior Citizen Education, peer leadership & mentoring programs, as well as other alcohol & drug-free alternatives, i.e. dances, movie nights and family/community-wide events, like as National Night Out .

Salem County Municipal Alliances
Alloway – Jim Whitt
Carneys Point/Penns Grove – Missi Jones
Elmer – David Repenning
Elsinboro – Bethany Harris and Coni McAllister
LAC – Beth Munyon and Lisa Prouse Duffield
Mannington – Jolyn Beal
Oldmans – Kelley Piel
Pennsville – Michele Yangello
Pilesgrove/Woodstown – Chris Snyder
Pittsgrove – Gabriele Heyel
Quinton – Stu Potter
Salem City – Kristi Baese
Upper Pittsgrove – Tiffany Sciorillo

As a part of each multi-year funding cycle, municipalities conduct a Needs Assessment of their community in order to assist in the selection of programs and activities. All alliance activities are evaluated and considered for future programming.

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More information on the Municipal Alliances can be found at

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