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Employees of the County of Salem – for computer services please contact our office: or call 856-935-7510 ext. 8800

Helpful Hints

Having Computer or Printer problems? Here are some helpful suggestions to try before emailing or calling the IT helpdesk

  1. Have you rebooted your machine? Go to your Start button, select Start, Shutdown and Restart. This completely recycles your machine and often resolves many issues you are having.
  2. Is your machine frozen? In this case, you may push and hold the PC power button for a full 5 seconds to do a “hard reboot” and recycle your PC. This is only recommended if you cannot log off your machine gracefully.
  3. Unable to print? • Reboot your machine. • Turn printer completely off and let it sit for 60 seconds. • Power your printer back on, log into your PC and check to see if this resolves your printing issue.
  4. Have you checked to make sure all your cables are connected? If your mouse, keyboard, monitor, etc. are not working, try reconnecting or securing the cables to see if this resolves your issue. Sometimes a reboot will help with this also.
  5. Have you done a survey of your surroundings? Is everyone having this problem? Do you have the same problem on your co-workers PC? This information can be very helpful in determining whether your PC has the issue, whether it is a network problem, or a problem with your network ID.
  6. Have you written down any error messages you are receiving? We can resolve your issue better if we know the specific problem you are having.
  7. When all else fails or you need general assistance: Please email the helpdesk at and remember to include the details.

If your problem is of an urgent nature and requires immediate assistance please call the help desk at 856- 935-7510, ext. 8800.