About Voting On The AVC Edge Touchscreen

PDF DOWNLOAD: Voting on the AVC Edge DRE Touch Screen

  1. Activate Your Ballot
    A poll worker will give you a single-use “Voter Card”. Insert the card into the yellow slot on the voting machine to activate your ballot. The card will remain in the machine until you have completed voting.
  2. Vote
    When the list of choices appears on the screen, simply touch the box containing your preference. To change your selection, touch the box again. Touch the “Next” or “Back” arrows at the bottom of the screen to turn pages in your ballot.
  3. Verify 
    After marking your ballot, a review screen allows you to see all of your selections. To make a change, touch the box you would like to revise and you will be returned to the corresponding page of the ballot.
  4. Cast Ballot
    After verifying your choices, touch the “Cast Ballot” box. The electronic record is securely stored inside the machine and the Voter card will eject. Return the card to the Poll Worker.



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