Commission on Women


110 Fifth Street, Salem, NJ 08079  |  856-935-7510 x8203

Meetings: 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. (except July and August) in the Ware Agricultural Complex, 51 Cheney Road, Pilesgrove, NJ 08098

  • January 10, 2017
  • February 14, 2017
  • March 14, 2017
  • April 11, 2017
  • May 9, 2017
  • June 13, 2017 (CANCELLED)
  • Sept 12, 2017
  • Oct 10, 2017
  • November 14, 2017
  • December 12, 2017

Resolution 84-171:
Advisory Commission to the Freeholder Board on educating the public on women’s issues/problems and improve relationships between women and county government.

2017 Officers:
Linda A. DuBois
Vice President: Sally Mauer
Recording Secretary: Elaine Dunner
Treasurer: Joyce Skradzinski
Freeholder Members:
Melissa DeCastro, Robert Vanderslice and Lee R. Ware

2017 Meeting Minutes

  • *March 14, 2017
  • *April 11, 2017
  • *May 16, 2017
  • *June 13, 2017 (CANCELLED)
  • *Sept 12, 2017
  • *Oct 17, 2017

2016 Meeting Minutes

Loretta Elwell, Elsinboro (2017)
Charlotte Dorn, Oldmans (2018)
Sally Maurer, Pilesgrove (2017)
BJ Ayars, Elsinboro (2017)
Kathy Laury, Elmer (2019)
Elaine Dunner, Pilesgrove (2017)
Lynn Barnhart Pennsville (2019)
Alice Dennis, Carneys Point (2018)
Andrea Sosnowik, Pennsville (2019)
Linda A. DuBois, Pittsgrove, (2018)
Joyce Skradzinski, Alloway, (2017)
Brenda Banks, Pennsville (2018)


2017 SCCOW Program Ad Book Form

Please return prior to Friday, March 10, 2017

To place an ad or inspirational message in this year’s Women of Achievement Awards Program booklet a payment MUST be received prior to the deadline.

Download the 2017 SCCOW Program Ad Book Form here

Contact Us

Main County Offices:
110 Fifth Street
Salem, NJ 08079
856.935.7510 (Main)

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News and Announcements


2017 Annual Nancy W. Timberman Scholarship Award

Salem County Commission on Women announces the 2017 “Nancy Timberman Scholarship” is now available.  This scholarship is open to all women in Salem County who are going on to higher education.  We are proud to be able to offer a $1000 scholarship to a qualified female planning to increase her education.

Submission Deadline: Friday, May 5, 2017

Qualifications: Graduating female senior residing in Salem County planning to attend any accredited 2 or 4 year college or trade school (such as the Salem County Vocational School).

Award: $1,000 Scholarship

How to apply:

Complete the attached application and return it to the address below with the following documentation before the deadline of May 9, 2016:

  • Two references with addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses.  References may not be relatives.
  • Essay of 500 words or less on “If you could meet a woman in history, who would she be and why would you want to meet her?”
  • Copy of College Acceptance Letter.

Return completed application by mail:
Salem County Commission on Women, Fifth Street Complex, 110 Fifth Street, Salem, NJ 08079
Or by email:

Download the 2017 Annual Nancy W. Timberman Award Application here

Hard copies of application available at: Fifth Street Complex, 110 Fifth Street, Salem, NJ 08079


2018 Women of Achievement Award

Nomination Rules


  1. Nominee must be a resident of Salem County;
  2. Nominee makes outstanding contributions in service to the community;
  3. Nominee is a role model of worthy emulation;
  4. Nominee is an unsung hero touching lives in a positive way.

The award will be presented at the annual Women of Achievement Award brunch to be held on April 1, 2017 at the Centerton Country Club.


  1. Keep the above-stated criteria in mind and address them when answering the questions;
  2. Keep your answer short, concise and clear;
  3. Tell the nominee’s story as if you were telling a stranger.  Do not assume the judges will know the nominee.
  4. Summarize why this woman should receive this award because of her impact, achievements, and contributions.
  5. Outline the areas in which the nominee has made an important and noticeable contribution to her community as a leader who helped make Salem County a better place for women to reach their full potential.
  6. Explain ways in which the nominee has gained the respect of her peers.  Is she often called upon for advice, mentoring, or decisions in these areas?  Is she willing to help?
  7. List experience in a volunteer and/or professional position worthy of a nomination.
  8. How has the person you are nominating shown leadership abilities?
  9. Nominations MUST be received by January 5, 2017 at: Salem County Commission on Women, 94 Market Street, Salem, NJ 08079


Download the 2018 Women of Achievement Award Nomination Form here


Former Women of Achievement Honorees

2016 – Karen Berry, Martha Nealor, Gail Slaughter, Casey Lyn Abhau, Debbie Rambo, Marianne DeMarco, Carol Reese, Maureen Humphreys, Beth Timberman, Connie Quather, WYN (Group)
–  Patty Bomba, Beth Davenport, Debbie Gralley, Sue Ann Leighty, Britney Lilya, Diane McAllister, Brenda O’Donald, Dawn Parker, Patti Schnieder, Kathleen Sheffield
2014 – Debbie Ashcraft, Karen S. Ayars, Elaine Dunner, Pam Holmes, Jennifer Robinson
2013 – Kathy Bodine, Christine DeGraff, Sherry L. Dougherty, Freda Earnest, Christine Hooks, Jan P. Long, Margaret Maxwell-Mood, Karen Tuthill, Michelle Yangello, Needlework Guild of America: Salem County Branch
2012 – Jeanette Belitza, Peggy Haines, Valerie Lacy, Pearl Parris, Debbie Sickler, Regina Shuster, Kim Smith, Patricia Snyder, Sherri Watts, Girl Scouts of Central and Southern New Jersey
2010 – D. Ann Hathaway, Terri Foster, Evelyn Shuman, Robin Buoncuore
2009 – Joy Epstein, Lorraine Kite, Mary E. Palfrey, Dr. Jin-Pill Kim, Minnie Ware
2008 – Gwyn Parris Atwell, Cora Santiago, Donna Federanko-Stout, Anna Claxton, Mary L. Trapani
2007 – Geraldine Brown, Barbara Dawson, Arline Field, Dorothy Kramme, Elizabeth Meyers, Karen Roots, Ceil Smith
2006 – Grace Alliegro, Dorothy Bunting, Eleanor Clunn, Carolyn Furio, Josie Moore, Alice Waddington
2005 –  Betty Jean Eby, Sharon Kellum, Netta Godfrey Layman, Cheryl Lowe, Janet Munyan, Kathy Ridley, Lydia Thompson, Mary Ellen Volkmar
2004 – Debra Behnke, Betsy Davis, Sandra Dorrell, Marilyn Lindenmuth, Kay Schrier, Rita Shade, Linda Smith, Marylou Timberman, Maizie Williams, Mary Wilson
2003 – Joan M. Baille, Donna A. Bruno, Beth Detwiler, Doris N. Moore, Debbie Pettit, BJ Ayers, Carol B. Tighe
2002 – Sr. Carol Adams, Jean Bishop, Patricia Braxton, Lori Couch, Joyce Massey, Darlene Maxwell, Eleanor Peak Zane
2001 – Virginia Boardman, June Hale Elwell, Laura Jean DeMaris, Joan Hassler , Louise Moore
2000 – Rose Bestwick, Beverly Dodge, Nellie Kates Fogg, Jennifer Jones, Donna Miller, Myra Detra Robinson, Doris Stewart
1999 – Nyada Giles Clark, Annette Devitt, Angela Greenwald, Kathryn Hines, Almeda Johnson, Katherine Malosak, Lovia Parker, Dorothy Toulson
1998 – Jeanette Burgess, Theresa Haaf, Selma Levitsky, Martha Rogers, Sharon Schultz, Ann Tatnall, Cindy Waddington, Mauriel Wallace, Dorothy Ward
1997 – Florida Dixon, Patricia Drager, Sally Funk, Caroline Hourani, Ella Lake, Joanne Marone, Dr. Audrey Pettijohn, Rebecca Purchase
1996 – Ida Acoo, Janet Agnew, Marlena Bauman, Mary Coombs, Dr. Linda Jeffrey, Edythe Montgomery, Ellen Nakamura, Lucille Pote, Estelle Sherman
1995 – Kathleen Bohren, Gail Boyd, Doris Grell, Meryl Hendrickson, Anne Henky, Minnie Quatrini, Janet Richmond, Joan Wentzell
1994 – Thelma Carey, Jean Casper, Kathleen Chance, Winifred Coney, Claudia Fuse, Susan Getman, Dr. Linda Jolly,Verna Murray, Shirley Ohlsen, Barbara Smith
1993 – Helen Acton, Florence Ahl, Jean Bailey, Pat Bullock, Doris Dague, Mary June Kershner, Nellie Rodriquez, Elizabeth Slusser
1992 – Geraldine Burt, Betty Cobb, Dr. Goldana Cramer, Hazel Anne Davis, Dr. Rachel Davis Dubois, Janet Emmons, Mary Leptien, Virginia Powell, Janet Sheridan, Mary Slusher
1991 – Doris Bryant, Callie Davis, Mary T. Davis, Gertrude Evans, Ann Gardner, Gilda Gill, Jean Hepner-Jack, Aleasa Hogate, Dr. Willetta Mulhorn, Mary Saletra
1990 – Mae Allen, Dorothy Anthony, Elizabeth Fogg, Sally Larrabee, Margaret Mahala, Judy Marraccini, Isabel Myers, Carrie Robinson
1989 – Mollie Archer, Janice Barry, Mildred Beardsley, Julia Branan, Nancy Diehl, Joan Dyer, Shirley Brooks, Trudi Hathaway, Sr. Marian Hummell, Gloria Jennings, Jane Master



Luncheon was held on March 31, 2012 at the Washington Club, in Penns Grove, NJ Left to right: Chairman Joan Cole, Pearl Parris, Freeholder Beth Timberman, Peg Haines, Jeannette Belitza, Valerie Spence-Lacy, Regina Shuster, Pat Snyder, Debbie Sickler, Kim Smith, & Sherri Watts

Luncheon was held on March 31, 2012 at the Washington Club, in Penns Grove, NJ

Left to right: Chairman Joan Cole, Pearl Parris, Freeholder Beth Timberman, Peg Haines, Jeannette Belitza, Valerie Spence-Lacy, Regina Shuster, Pat Snyder, Debbie Sickler, Kim Smith, & Sherri Watts