Solid Waste Advisory Council

(See also Salem County Utilities Authority)

NJSA 13:1E-20(b)(l) Established R. 77-251
* 1 member from each Municipality Term – 1 Yr. Per R. 89-115
R. 88-389 reorganizing this council from date of appt. Jan 10th of ensuing year

Appointees recommended by Municipal Governing body (terms 1/10/2018)

  • P. Ed McKelvey, Alloway Township
  • Joe Santogrossi, Carney’s Point Township
  • Cynthia Nolan, Elmer Borough
  • Joseph McAllister, Elsinboro Township
  • Timothy Bradway, L.A.C. Township
  • Luke Patrick Jr., Mannington Township
  • Thomas Brad Holmes, Oldmans Township
  • Mark Oliver, Penns Grove Borough
  • Robert McDade, Sr., Pennsville Township
  • Joe Crevino, Pilesgrove Township
  • Charles Hughes, Pittsgrove Township
  • Joseph Hannagan, Quinton Township
  • Cynthia Edwards, City of Salem
  • Edward Meschi, Upper Pittsgrove Township
  • John Hall, Woodstown Borough