Salem County Deputy Freeholder Director, Ben Laury announced Salem County received NJDOT funding
for  design  of  replacement  of  Murphy’s  Bridge,  on  Friendship  Road  in  Upper  Pittsgrove  and  of  Jesse
Bridge,  on  Gershal  Avenue  in  Pittsgrove.    The NJDOT funding for these two bridge projects saved taxpayers $238,000 in repair costs. “Maintaining our bridges is essential to the residents and those
who travel in our county.  Our Public Works Office diligently uses all resources available and will actively
pursue all grant opportunities to reduce the burden on our county taxpayers,” said Ben Laury, Deputy
Freeholder Director.   

The county received the funding from Local Bridges, Future Needs program for improvement of county
jurisdiction bridges.  This is part of a State-wide Capital Investment Strategy; the NJDOT is focusing on
preventive maintenance, rehabilitation and selective replacement of bridges. 

“We applaud the NJ DOT for recognizing local bridges funding needs for preventive maintenance and
rehabilitation of our local bridges that often go beyond the resources that are currently available at the
local level. The safety of our transportation infrastructure is important to all who travel in our county,”
stated Julie Acton, Freeholder Director.