Ben  Laury,  Deputy  Freeholder  Director  announced  Salem County  will  receive  an allotment  of  $1,000,000  from  the  Transportation  Trust  Fund  for  the  Replacement  of  Jesse Bridge, County Bridge No.1701-274 on Gershal Avenue, CR 638 over Muddy Run.  

“This funding will allow the replacement of the Jesse Bridge with no required county match. We are  pleased  to  have  been  selected  to  receive  these  necessary  funds  and  not  increase  the burden on our taxpayers,” stated Ben Laury, Deputy Freeholder Director.

The project will need to go through design and permitting process and construction is estimated for 2016/2017.

The Local Bridge Program provides funds to all 21 counties for preservation of bridges at the local level, as part of its Statewide Capital Investment Strategy. Freeholder Director, Julie Acton stated,  “The  NJDOT  program  was  initiated  in  recognition  of  funding  needs  for  bridge preservation at the local level that is beyond what is currently available.”