Ben Laury, Freeholder Deputy Director announced the County received $231,460 in Federal Highway funding to install Centerline Rumble Strips on various routes throughout Salem County. The funding does not require a county match.

Centerline Rumble strips are made of a series of milled or raised elements and when tires are exposed to them, it causes a vibration and audible rumbling transmitted through the wheels into the vehicle interior. “This project provides a low-cost safety measure on our roads and the goal is to reduce accidents and save lives.” The rumble strips are an effective alert to reduce head-on collisions and opposite direction sideswipes. “The vibration caused is a cost effective road safety  feature  to  alert  motorists  when  whey  drift  from  their  lane,”  stated  Ben  Laury,  Deputy Freeholder Director.

There is an increased need for rumble strips because often vehicles cross the centerline due to distracted  or  inattentive  driving,  which  could  have  deadly  consequences.  Distracted  or inattentive driving is the failure to pay proper attention to the road while driving or engaging in activities  that  distract  attention  such  as  texting,  cell  phone  use,  putting  on  make-up,  eating, attending to children, or falling asleep at the wheel. 

According  to  the  US  Department  of  Transportation  Federal  Highway  Administration,  the longitudinal  rumble  strips  and  stripes  on  two-lane  roads  were  one  of  nine  proven  safety countermeasures  that  were  designated  in  their  Guidance  Memorandum  on  Promoting  the Implementation of Proven Safety Countermeasures.    

Julie Acton, Freeholder Director stated, “We were pleased to receive the funding to install these safety features on our roadways, which will warn and allow a motorist an opportunity to divert back to their lane, ultimately to eliminate or reduce the severity of an accident.”