Salem Community College

460 Hollywood Avenue, Carney’s Point, NJ 08069
856-299-2100 Fax 856-351-2634

Board of Trustees
College President Joan Baillie (Ex Officio Member)
Member 1 Dorothy D. Hall, Chairman (2014)
Member 2 John Ashcraft, Vice Chairman (2015)
Member 3 Amante DeCastro (2015)
Member 4 Robert C. Carter (2017)
Member 5 Carrie Ruffin (2016)
Member 6 Matthew Richards (2015)
Member 7 Allen Gage (2016)
Member 8 Patricia Burdalski (2017)
Member 9 Carol A. Burke Doherty (Governor’s Appointment)

Member 10 Jason Supermavage (2015)
Superintendent of Schools Richard Stepura (by law while in office)
Freeholder Liaison Bruce L. Bobbitt (2014)
Alumni Trustee James Conklin (voting power)
Board of Trustees Secretary Maria Fantini 856-351-2601
Meets one Thursday in the Davidow Hall @ Salem Community College
January, February, April, May, August, October and November – 6:00 PM
March, June, September, and December – 6:00 PM

NJSA 18A-64A-32: Shall nominate persons according to criteria promulgated by the Board of Higher Education for consideration by the appointing authority of the county for appointment to the Board of Trustees
Member 1 Grace Allegro (2014)
Member 2 Bob Bender (2014)
Member 3 Sue Bestwick (2014)
Member 4 Linda DuBois (2014)
Member 5 Marylou Chollis (2014)