Advisory Council Office of Aging

Office on Aging, First Floor

Office on Aging, First Floor


98 Market Street, Salem, NJ 08079
856-935-7510, 339-8622, or 451-1207 ext.8622
NJEASE Toll Free 1-877-222-3737
FAX 856-339-9546
Established by Resolution 74-87 with appointed members

Resolution 75-140 amending terms to begin Jan. 1st of year of Appointment & Expire 12-31
Resolution 95-112 expanded Council to 18 members

Director of Health and Human Services:
Rita Shade

Executive Director OOA Office:
Sherri Hinchman

Glen Donelson (2014)
Kenneth Johnson (2014)
Bishop Eszekial Rolle, Sr. (2014)
Wayne Johnson (2016)
Harriet Laury (2015)
Harvey Saunders (2015)
Dottie Robinson (2015)
Joanne Brown (2015)
Julie McCoy (2015)
David Rodriquez (2014)
Patti Schneider (2016)
Janice Lombardo (2016)
Deborah Covey (2016)
Sara Bailey (2014)
Harvey Saunders (2015)

Meetings: Meets 3rd Tuesday in March, April, September and October, at 1:00 pm, 2nd floor of the OOA Building, 98 Market St., Salem, NJ 08079

The Office on Aging staff is ready to assist you with Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Pharmaceutical Assistance to the Aged and Disabled, Income Tax and a wide range of other programs.