Advisory Solid Waste Council

(See also Salem County Utilities Authority)

NJSA 13:1E-20(b)(l) Established R. 77-251
* 1 member from each Municipality Term – 1 Yr. Per R. 89-115
R. 88-389 reorganizing this council from date of appt. Jan 10th of ensuing year

Appointees recommended by Municipal Governing body (terms 1/10/2016)
Ed McKelvey, Alloway Township
Eugene Gilbert, Carney’s Point Township
Cynthia Nolan, Elmer Borough
Sean Elwell, Elsinboro Township
Timothy Bradway, L.A.C. Township
Dante Spina, Sr., Mannington Township
Thomas B. Holmes, Oldmans Township
Jeanette Jackson, Penns Grove Borough
Robert McDade, Sr., Pennsville Township
Joe Crevino, Pilesgrove Township
Steven R. Wymbs, Pittsgrove Township
Joseph Hannagan, Quinton Township
Thomas H. Gant, City of Salem
Frederick Mucci, City of Salem
Edward Meschi, Upper Pittsgrove Township
Glenn Merkle, Woodstown Borough
Kathy Elmer, Secretary (as needed)