Ben  Laury,  Deputy  Freeholder  Director  has  announced  that  the  Salem  County  Board  of  Chosen Freeholders will host a first-time Salem County Government Awareness program “County Government Works, Government 101” as part of an initiative to raise awareness and understanding of how county government  works.    Ben  Laury,  Deputy  Freeholder  Director  stated,  “We  encourage  our  residents  to learn more about the operations and services provided by 20 of our county departments.  Participants will get a first-hand look at the inner workings of Salem County government. “
The program is open to any Salem County resident, 18 years or older, who is interested in understanding the operations of the county departments.  This eight-week free program will be held every Wednesday morning from 9:30 am – 11:30 am, beginning September 9 th  through October 28 th .  The location site will vary each week according to the departments presenting.  The locations are handicapped accessible.   The  county  government  awareness  program  will  be  offered  to  the  first  20  participants  who  register.  Tours will be conducted of selected facilities.  Participants will graduate from the Government 101 class at the completion of the eight sessions.   
“We are enthusiastic to offer this first-time county government awareness program.  The program is specifically designed to help inform our residents about the services that county government provides, as well as, insight into the daily procedures that are needed to provide the services.    We hope that every  graduate  of  the  program  will  walk  away  from  this  opportunity  with  a  better  understanding  of county  operations  and  share  the  information  they  learned  with  other  residents,”  stated  Julie  Acton, Freeholder Director.
Applicants must reside in Salem County and must pre-register to attend.  Please note there will be some walking and standing involved in this program.  
You may register for the Salem County Government Leadership Program, “Government 101,” by calling 935-7510,  Ext.  8203  or  by  email  and  provide  your  name,  address, phone number and email address.   Registration is being accepted until September 1, 2015.  Space is limited.