The Salem County Office of Emergency Management held a training for Municipal Emergency  Coordinators,  CERT  members  and  other  emergency  staff  on  a  new  software program  that  will  provide  easy  to  use  technology  to  assist  with  efficiency  and  increased communication. The emergency management system, Interactive Information Communications Exchange  Platform  (IICEP)  allows  information  to  be  exchanged,  mapping  of  information, damage reports, and resource requests between the local and county OEM. The program, in the  near future,  will  allow  the  community  to  have  access for  non-emergency  reporting  during major disaster events. 

Julie Acton, Freeholder Director stated, “The IICEP program will allow multiple level information sharing to better equip our communities with the technology to improve preparation and public safety.”

The Municipal Emergency Coordinators and identified personnel will hold additional exercises to fully  understand  the  capabilities  and  operation  of  IICEP.  The  program  will  eventuality  allow public communication and notifications.

“IICEP will strengthen the Emergency Management officials and public communication through a  whole  community  approach  to  Emergency  Management.  The  County  Office  of  Emergency Management strives to effectively inform the municipalities and varying agencies with the most updated  information  during  an  emergency  incident.  This  program  will  allow  increased communication and reporting and empower the local emergency management coordinators to deliver  the  necessary  services  to  their  communities,”  stated  Dale  Cross,  Freeholder  Public Safety Chair.

“The Salem County Office of Emergency Management is implementing the IICEP platform to assist the County and  Municipal Offices of Emergency  Management in providing an effective and timely response for our citizens during disasters,” commented Jeffery Pompper, Director of Emergency Services for Salem County.