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94 Market Street
Salem County, NJ 08079
(856) 935-7510, Ext. 8375
Fax (856) 935-8880
After Hours (856) 769-1955 (County Communications) T.D.D.

“A Message From The Sheriff”

Mission Statement

The Salem County Sheriff’s Office will preserve the peace, uphold the constitutionality of the Sheriff’s Office, and dedicate itself to the protection of the lives and property of its citizens.

Sheriff Charles M. Miller

Charles M. Miller


Warren Mabey

Vision Statement

The Salem County Sheriff’s Office takes its place as a professional, respectable, responsible, and effective law enforcement agency. That in conjunction with state, federal and local law enforcement agencies we preserve the public safety, enhance the quality of life enjoyed and deserved by our residents, that we through leadership, strength of character, integrity maintain the highest ethical standard in our efforts to reduce crime in our communities. That we not only respond, but take the fore front in eliminating “fear of crime” in our county.

Value Statement

We shall preserve and advance the principles of freedom and democracy. We shall serve the community by preventing crime, enforcing laws, maintaining order, aggressively pursuing offenders and providing educational guidance.

We shall demand excellence, accountability, integrity, vigilance and purpose from ourselves and each other. We shall provide competent, proactive service oriented policing where the protection of human life is paramount, and diversity is strength.

National Sheriff’s Association

New Jersey Sheriff’s Association

Salem County’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives

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