Emergency Services

For the most current Emergency Management Public Information

135 Cemetery Road, Woodstown, NJ 08098
Phone 856-769-2900 Fax 856-769-4229

Monday through Friday: 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Evening appointments available upon request

Executive Director of Emergency Services & Emergency Management Coordinator
Jeff Pompper 856-769-2900 Ext. 4113

Deputy Director & Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator
Scott Haines, MICP 856-769-2900 Ext 4117

Fire Academy Director
Leroy Pierce, III 856-769-2900 Ext. 4119

Operations and Training Officer
Robert DiGregorio 856-769-2900 Ext. 4118

Administrative Assistant
Shirley Roussey 856-769-2900 Ext. 4111

Administrative Assistant
Irene Wanner 856-769-2900 Ext. 4115

Salem County Fire Coordinator
John Turner 856-769-2900 Ext. 4114

Deputy Fire Coordinator (District 1)
James A. Williamson 856-299-4288

Deputy Fire Coordinator (District 2)
Mike Fisher 856-935-2467

Deputy Fire Coordinator (District 3)
Jack Heritage 856-358-4361

Salem County Fire Marshal
John Turner 856-769-2900 Ext. 4114

Deputy Fire Marshal (District 1)
Mike Moore 856-351-1786

Deputy Fire Marshal (District 2)
Steve Fisher 856-935-9613

Deputy Fire Marshal (District 3)
Edward Myers Sr. 856-358-8073

Salem County Fire Chief’s Association
President- Jack Justice, Elmer
Vice President- J. Fred Ayars, Salem
Treasurer- Gary R. Moore, Pedricktown
Secretary- Melody Reese, Auburn

Salem County Fireman’s Association
President- Jeff Pompper, Alloway
1st Vice President- Jerry Reaves, Carneys Point
Secretary- Patti Davis, Mannington
Treasurer- Mel Reese, Auburn

Salem County EMS Coordinator
Scott Haines 856-769-2900 Ext. 4117

Salem County Ambulance Association
President- Sherry Biddle
Vice President- Rich Sholders
Secretary- Debbie Ashcraft
Treasurer- Glen Shimp
EMS Coordinator- Scott Haines

Salem County Fire Police
Chief- Frank Burden

Delaware City, DE Community Hotline for Delaware Refinery
Questions and Information Call