Where Do I Vote?


Look up your town, street and house number on the County Street List.
Streets may be divided by house numbers using All, Even or Odd: Even Number House “E”, Odd Number House “O”, All  “A” .
Click on the link below to find your district number:
County Street List

Look up the town & district number on the Polling Location List to find the name and address of your polling place.
Click on the link below to find the polling location:
Polling Location List

IMPORTANT- Check your sample ballot for polling location changes.

*Salem City residents – Salem City has 2 Wards:
East Ward is show as Salem 13 and West Ward is shown as Salem 14*

Sample ballots are mailed a week before each election, your polling location will be listed on the front flap. Always check your sample ballot for Polling Location details and watch for updates in case there is a change in your normal polling location.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us: Election Board office 856-935-7510 ext 8328, 8329, 8330 or 8331, Espanol 856- 935-7510 ext 8597.  We will be happy to help you with polling location information.

Salem County has 45 election districts in 15 municipalities:

  1. Alloway
  2. Carneys Point
  3. Elmer
  4. Elsinboro
  5. Lower Alloways Creek
  6. Mannington
  7. Oldmans
  8. Penns Grove
  9. Pennsville
  10. Pilesgrove
  11. Pittsgrove
  12. Quinton
  13. Salem City East Ward (13) Salem City West Ward (14)
  14. Upper Pittsgrove
  15. Woodstown