Election Board & Staff

Board Meeting Dates
All meetings held at 110 Fifth Street, Salem NJ 08079 in the conference room
at 9:00am unless otherwise indicated
May 13, 2015 – June 10, 2015 – September 9, 2015 – October 14, 2015

Election Board Members

Chair Dana Mulligan (Republican) appointed September 2014 to fill unexp term March 2014- March 2016
Secretary John D. Burke (Democrat) Reappointed to term March 2014- March 2016
Commissioner David Crescenzi (Democrat) Reappointed to term March 2015 – March 2017
Commissioner Scott Hourigan (Republican) Appointed to term March 2015 – March 2017

Board members are appointed (2 Democrats and 2 Republicans) to staggered 2 year terms by direct appointment of the Governor

Salem County Board of Election:  John Burke, Dana Mulligan, David Crescenzi and Scott Hourigan

Shirlee Manahan, Registrar (Republican) 856-935-7510 ext 8331
Email:  shirlee.manahan@salemcountynj.gov 

Renee Buehler, Registrar (Democrat) 856-935-7510 ext 8328
Email:  renee.buehler@salemcountynj.gov

Deputy Registrars
Jeanmaire Waddington, Deputy Registrar (Democrat) 856-935-7510 ext 8330
Peggie Kramme, Deputy Registrar (Republican) 856-935-7510 ext 8329

Bilingual Coordinator
Maria Blocksom – Espanol 856-935-7510 ext 8597
Email:  electionboard.spanish@salemcountynj.gov

Voting Machine Technicians

(R) Diana Hughes-Guzman
(D) Reggie Bounds
(R) Bruce Mitchell
(R) John Sakowicz
(D) Ron Ewen
(D) Lew Kelty

Election Board Freeholder Liaisons

Beth E. Timberman, (D) Freeholder
Douglass H. Painter, (R) Freeholder
Ben H. Laury, (R) Freeholder