Attention Interested News Media & General Public:

The County  of Salem solicited proposals for the operation of 911 and SCCF Medical Services earlier this month of May, 2016.   The low bid for SCCF Medical Services and the sole bid for 911 have been analyzed by the Chief Financial Officer of the County of Salem, Ms. Katie Coleman, J.D., C.P.A., C.C.F.O. Ms. Coleman compared the bids for  911 and SCCF Medical Services each with the respective departments present and expected total expenditures.
Attached hereto is the product of Ms. Coleman’s analysis, which the Administrative Committee of the Freeholder Board relies upon as being accurate in material respects.
With regard to 911, 2016 Projected  “Direct Savings” of $740,885.39, along with “Indirect Savings” of $209,760.39, for “Total Savings” of $950.646.39 , are anticipated if the bid is accepted by the Freeholder Board.
With regard to SCCF Medical Services, 2016 “Estimated Savings” total $216. 204.48, if the lowest bid is accepted by the Freeholder Board.
Ms. Coleman is available for telephonic interview by reporters with press credentials at (856) 935-7510, x 8499

The Board of Chosen Freeholders is seeking comments and questions from the public. Comments and questions may be submitted for consideration and reply by the Board via email:

Download attachments: “County of Salem 911 Department” and “Salem County Correctional Facility Medical Division”