The  Salem  County  Office  on  Aging  is  partnering  with  New  Dodge’s Market  in  Elmer  to  pilot  a  program  beginning  Nov.  2  that  gives  seniors  the opportunity  to  use  a  $5  voucher  for  a  special  “Trio”  meal.  The  nutritionally balanced “Trio Meal” includes a sandwich, soup, salad, and milk – valued at $9. “This  program  is  a  pilot  for  the  State  of  New  Jersey,”  said  Freeholder  Robert Vanderslice,  chair  of  the  Health  and  Human  Services  Committee.  “The  voucher program  through  the  County’s  Office  of  Aging  is  a  wonderful  option  to  the traditional senior center lunch site. It gives seniors the option of getting together for lunch at a local restaurant and socialize.” 

The Office of Aging is funding the weekday lunch vouchers through the Federal Restaurant  Voucher  Program.  The  Office  of  Aging  worked  with  New  Dodge’s Market to meet the menu requirements to provide one-third of the required daily intake.

“The pilot program will run through Dec. 31,” said Freeholder Director Julie Acton. “We  anticipate  the  response  will  be  positive  and  we  are  planning  to  expand  it next year to include restaurants throughout the county.”   

Seniors 60 years and older can purchase the vouchers for the Trio Meal through the Office of Aging Monday through Friday between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm. Proof of age and residency will be required.

The  vouchers  cost  $5.00  and  are  redeemable  at  The  New  Dodges  Market,  55 Chestnut Street at the corner of Main Street in Elmer, between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm, Monday through Friday.  

Participants  can  purchase  multiple  vouchers  at  a  time.  At  least  once  a  quarter, participants  must  complete  a  short  informational  questionnaire  and  watch  a three-minute video on nutrition education. The vouchers are non-transferrable. To  make  an  appointment  to  obtain  your  Trio  vouchers,  please  call  the  Salem County Aging and Disability Resource Connection-Office on Aging at 856-339-8622 between the hours of 7:00 am and 4:30 pm.