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Located in the heart of the Northeast Corridor, Salem County is the Gateway to New Jersey. Visit us and Discover the Possibilities that exist in our County. I consider it an honor to serve as Freeholder Director. This website is another step toward making Salem County government open, accessible and responsible, one of my key priorities.

Julie A. Acton
Julie A. Acton Message from Julie A. Acton, Director, Salem County Board of Chosen Freeholders:
Welcome to the Salem County website.  On behalf of the Board of Chosen Freeholders, I encourage residents, visitors, and business’ to explore the many resources, programs, and services Salem County government offers.  You will find useful information; documents and forms to download; links to various government entities; and news announcements.  We are honored to have qualified and dedicated employees who provide friendly and exceptional service to those we serve.  Salem County is a wonderful place to live, work, and visit. I consider it an honor to serve the residents of this great county as your Freeholder Director.  This website serves as another avenue toward this Administration’s priorities: making Salem County government open, accessible, and responsible.

Enjoy the Holidays in Salem County!
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The Salem County offices received an upgrade to our computer server over the weekend. Please be patient if you are receiving a delay in response to an email you sent. ... See MoreSee Less

The Salem County Department of Health and Human Services announced their December 2015 Walking Schedule! ... See MoreSee Less

Mark your calendar! County Office on Aging Hosts Third Annual Day of Holiday Shopping - open to the public on December 4th at SCC Davidow Hall. ... See MoreSee Less

Veterans Service Medal Ceremony... ... See MoreSee Less

A few more pictures from the Veterans Military Service Medal Ceremony. ... See MoreSee Less

A Thanksgiving message from the Salem County Board of Chosen Freeholders:
"We send warmest wishes to the residents of Salem County for a safe, blessed, and joyous Thanksgiving holiday. We have given our non essential employees off November 26 and 27 in observation of the holiday."
Happy Thanksgiving
Board of Chosen Freeholders:
Julie Acton (Director), Ben Laury (Deputy Director), Dale Cross, Doug Painter, Beth Timberman, Bob Vanderslice, Lee Ware
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Joseph Farro provided the Benediction at the recent Military Service Medal Ceremony. ... See MoreSee Less

Lt. Colonel Gwyn Parris-Atwell provided teh Statement of Purpose at the Military Medal Ceremony. She wpoke about the heroes who served before her and paving the way. She mentioned Veterans: Accoo, Abbott, Temnermand, and Wentzell. ... See MoreSee Less

Do you recognize any of the veterans from the County Military Veterans Ceremony? ... See MoreSee Less

The Salem County Health Department and Human Services will host free health screenings and flu shots at Cedar Lane on December 15th. ... See MoreSee Less

Salem County Dept. of Health and Human Services adds a Free Flu Clinic to be held on December 9th from 4 pm - 7pm at the Salem County Vo-Tech School. ... See MoreSee Less

Salem County Government updated their cover photo. ... See MoreSee Less

Three gentlemen were honored by the County Veterans Office and County Freeholder Board in regards to "Operation Ivy" at the recent Veterans Service Medal Ceremony. Recognized were: Stewart Cross (U.S.S. Carpenter DDE-825), Edward Hassler (U.S.S. Radford DDE-446), and James Sparks (U.S.S. Estes AGC-12) all who served in the US Navy. Joseph Hannagan (Veterans Director) and Congressman LoBiondo's Office did a lot of research and background work. Our Third District Legislators presented a citation to the honorees.

Freeholder Dale Cross stated during his remarks, "As part of tonight's program, we honor a few long-forgotten Salem County residents who were part of Operation Ivy, the first successful full-scale test of a hydrogen bomb. It's yield was 10.4 megatons, almost 500 times the yield of the bomb dropped on Nagasaki. As well as leaving an underwater crater 6,000 ft. wide and 160 ft. deep, it unfortunately exposed our veterans to massive amounts of radioactive fallout and the potential health risks associated with such exposures. When we think of Operation Ivy and the other tremendous sacrifices our veterans, true heroes, have made, both physically and emotionally... how can we possibly say thank you? For that matter, I'm not sure I have ever heard a veteran or service member call him or herself a hero?"
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A few more pictures from the November 18th Freeholder Board Meeting. ... See MoreSee Less